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Volunteer Opportunities

We're anticipating a FULL summer of campers in 2022 and can't wait to have our camp team return & grow! 

Our team will need to be filled by many volunteers and we hope you'll be able to join us. Applications will be out once we know what our 2022 summer plans look like.


If you'd like to connect with Chelsie about possibly serving with camp - you can reach her at 204-440-0046 or







Summer 2021

With camp running on and off site this summer, we have a lot of great opportunities for volunteers to serve in!

It is our goal to provide safe and engaging camp experiences for both our guests and volunteers. We continue to work with our regional health inspector to ensure all that TMBC does this summer will be safe & in-line with current health orders.

Last year we had to restrict our team to just a small group of leaders. This year we can take on more session specific volunteers. We have positions ranging from weekends, week-long, to summer long!! If you want to serve in any of our camps, you don't have to commit to the whole summer. Check out the roles below for positions needing to be filled, and let us know your availability.


Click here to see camp dates and descriptions.

Click on the application button to start the application process for your time serving with TMBC!

Front-Line Roles

  • Ignite Leaders

Directly lead campers through the Ignite program. Be involved in activities, games, small groups, chapels, etc.

Must be 20+ years old

  • Day Camp Leaders

Directly lead campers through the Day Camp program. Be involved in activities, games, small groups, chapels, etc.

Must be 14+ years old


  • Group/Activity Leaders

Lead on-site camp activities (e.g. archery, wall climbing, kids program on-site. TMBC will provide training)

Must be 16+ years old

  • Administrator

Oversee camper registrations, check-ins, screening, and merch store for off-site Day Camp/Ignite programs. Assist with behind the scene responsibilities when office tasks are not required

Must be 18+ years old

  • Head Cook

Oversee the management of the kitchen team, ensure all meals are provided for guests and volunteers

  • Lifeguards

Oversee the waterfront during Family Camp sessions

Must be 18+ years old

Support Roles

  • Assistant Cook

Assist the head cook in food preparation and

serving meals

  • Kitchen Help

Responsible for setting up the dining hall for meals (setting tables, serving food, etc), cleaning up after meals (wiping tables, cleaning dishes)

Must be +14 years old

  • Custodian

Ensuring that the camp facilities are cleaned on a routine schedule, maintaining tidiness for guests and volunteers, assisting in clean up of spills etc.

  • Maintenance

Assist the Site Manager with on-site projects (includes, but not limited to, mowing, building projects, maintaining/fixing items around camp)

  • Wrangler

Assist with the horsemanship program under the leadership of the Equestrian Director

Must be +16 years old

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