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  • Are you a religious camp?
    Turtle Mountain Bible Camp is a non-denominational Christian ministry and a registered charitable organization owned and operated by One Hope Canada.
  • What is the fundamental purpose of TMBC?
    The purpose of TMBC is to bring glory to God by providing a recreational setting that is both relevant and relational for the primary purpose of helping campers and volunteers reach their potential in Jesus Christ.
  • How much Christian teaching do you offer?
    Campers and volunteers participate in morning and evening chapel sessions which include singing and age-appropriate Bible teaching by the chapel speaker of the week, with the purpose of providing opportunities to learn about God.
  • What do you teach?
    We teach the simple gospel message about Jesus Christ & his life, death, and resurrection; and how God's love is available to each and every person. For more details please see What We Believe (in the About section of the website).
  • When are camper fees due?
    A $50 deposit is due upon registration for each camper for the week they will be attending. This registration fee is non-refundable. The remainder of the fees are due on arrival at camp, although full fees can also be paid at registration.
  • Do you return fees if a camper does not show up or leaves camp early?
    Refunds are made for unforeseen circumstances at the discretion of the Director. The $50 registration fee is non-refundable.
  • What is the Family Discount?
    Overnight Camp: If you have more than two children from your household attending Overnight Camp(s), each additional child is eligible for a sibling discount of 20%. Family Camp: If you have two or more family members registered, each additional member is eligible for a sibling discount of 40% (not exclusive to siblings) Overnight camp and family camp discounts do not overlap. They are two exclusive discounts.
  • Are there sponsorships available?
    If you or someone you know is in need of financial assistance in order to attend camp there are various avenues of sponsorship available. First check with the following agencies for available sponsorship: 1. SunShine Fund through Manitoba Camping Association 2. Sun Fund of Child and Family Services (Brandon, MB) 3. Dakota Ojibway 4. MICHIF Child and Famiy Services 5. Check with your local church Turtle Mountain Bible Camp does have limited sponsorship funds available. Please contact us for more information.
  • Payment Options
    1. Pay Online through RegPack within your registration account. 2. E-transfer (please contact us if you would like the option) 3. Mail in cheque 4. Pay upon arrival at camp a) cash b) cheque c) debit/credit
  • What personnel are on site in case of injury or medical assistance?
    We have a Health Officer available to campers and volunteers on site 24 hours a day. They are there in case of injury, sickness or to administer medication (prescription or otherwise) as needed. Qualification: The individual filling the role of health officer is required to have a current EMR certification.
  • How are camper medications handled at camp?
    All medications must be left with the camp Health Officer at check-in on the first day. The Health Officer will dispense them to your child at the required times. Medication will be returned to the camper on closing day at pick up.
  • What happens if my child is hurt at camp?
    If your child is injured at camp the health officer will be notified by a camp leader who will then connect with the parent or guardian of the camper. The camp leadership team and full time team are fully trained in CPR and first aid. A first aid review is also covered by our front-line team at their summer training.
  • My child has allergies/food sensitivities - How will these be addressed at camp?
    All allergies and severity MUST be noted on the camper's registration. There is a designated special diets cook for campers who have food allergies or sensitivities. It is very important to state any allergy or sensitivity on camper registration before arriving at camp so that we can be prepared to provide for your camper. Please contact the camp if you have specific questions or needs that we can address.
  • How does the camp protect my child from head lice?
    Parents/Guardians sign the camp permission form authorizing personnel to check each child for head lice during opening day. Upon arrival, campers will go through a head lice check station prior to moving into their cabin. If a camper has head lice, the parent/guardian has the following options: Take the child home to treat the condition and we will reschedule them to another session (if available). TMBC is willing to provide needed treatments (cost of treatment will be charged to parent) on site if necessary. The camp Health Officer will make daily checks for nits. The campers bedding and clothing would also be washed and dried prior to them going to a cabin. In the case that lice is discovered during a camp session, we will notify the parents/guardians of the camper as well as contact parents/guardians of campers from the same cabin.
  • How will I know my camper is registered?
    A confirmation e-mail will be sent to each camper upon completion of registration forms.
  • Do you accept campers if they are not old enough/too old for a session?
    The ages are guidelines and campers one year younger/older of the posted ages per week may be accepted to enable siblings, relatives or friends to attend the same session. With the exclusion of Sr. Teen week which allows only the posted age is to attend. If you would like to register a camper younger or older than the posted age limit, please contact us at camp and we will assist you in the registration process.
  • What To Bring
    We strongly recommend you put your campers name on all the items that they are bringing. Pajamas Warm Sweater Toothpaste & Toothbrush Shampoo & Conditioner Hairbrush Sunscreen Sleeping Bag & Pillow Insect Repellent Bag for Dirty Clothes Sandals/Flip Flops Mandatory Running Shoes Appropriate Swimsuit for water activities Towels Bible (available at camp if you do not have one)
  • What NOT to Bring
    Electronic devices (iPods, cell phones, gaming systems, etc) Non-prescription drugs, tobacco, alcohol are prohibited on the property Offensive clothing Knives (including jacknives/multitools), weapons of any sort Magazines, books, etc.
  • Can I come visit camp during a session?
    Yes - you can come and visit during a camp session. However, please call head before visiting. All visitors must sign-in at the office and wear a visitor name tag during their visit (provided by the office upon arrival). All visitors must leave after evening program based on the session schedule.
  • Can my child use the camp telephone/Can I call my child during camp?
    If you are concerned about how your child is doing, don't hesitate to phone the camp office (747-2587) and they can inform you. Campers are given permission to call home if needed and the camp will contact parents if their child is homesick and/or wants to call home.
  • Can we come tour the camp?
    We will be happy to arrange a tour of the camp for you. Please contact the office to arrange a tour (747-2587) The best time to come and see the camp is during our Family Day/Open House event in June. Come meet with some of the volunteers, see the grounds and facilities and enjoy a number of camp activities as well as a free supper.
  • Who are the volunteers?
    The majority of our mission team/volunteers are from the Southwestern Manitoba area. Most have been campers at Turtle Mountain Bible Camp and enthusiastically return to help provide campers with a great camping experience like they have received. We endeavour to accept the highest caliber of volunteers who are good role models and can lead by example. Other than our 6 year-round missionaries, everyone else on site is a seasonal volunteer. Our leadership team serves 4 months (May-Aug), while all of our other positions are weekly. Some people also volunteer one-two days a week depending on the task they are assisting with. For more information about volunteering - see Volunteer page
  • What does the volunteer application process look like?
    Each of our volunteers are carefully chosen through a thorough application process, including a written application, personal contact, reference checks, and a Criminal Record Check/Vulnerable Sector Screening check. All volunteers must also complete our online training In Safe Hands prior to serving at camp.
  • Do the cabin leaders sleep in the cabin with the campers?
    Yes. Each cabin has two cabin leaders and up to nine campers. Our cabin leaders are involved with all of the activities campers do at camp, including running and attending activities, participating in chapel, and being part of a table team during meal time.
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