What To Expect

Welcome to our 'What To Expect' page!

If you're visiting this page you are most likely new to TMBC and we are SO excited to share with you a bit of what camp is like. Unfortunately we can't give you the full camp experience on this page, but we hope to share enough with you that you feel confident in your decision to come and try a week of camp for yourself!


The Tuck Shop

Daily, campers will have the opportunity to buy treats (beverages, ice cream, chocolate bars, candy) at the 'tuck shop' with a maximum of $3/day.  Refunds are returned after each session. (Note:  at registration and closing day, t-shirts, bibles and miscellaneous items are available for purchase.)

Cabin Life!

We have 9 cabins at TMBC - with enough beds to sleep 12 campers & 2 cabin leaders each week. Each camper has the opportunity to choose a bunk when they arrive at camp - and your cabin mates will quickly become your best friends!

Our goal is to create a safe & welcoming place for your camper to spend their time at camp - from daily activities, meal times, to sleep.

Are you coming with siblings or friends? You can put their names in your registration and we will do our very best to ensure you can share a cabin together.