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Volunteer Opportunities

Every summer we see hundreds of campers register for camp - and every time we look at our volunteer list we have faith that as God sends us campers, HE will send the volunteers.

At TMBC, our team is made up of 6 full-time missionaries and over 125 volunteers each summer. Without the support and partnership of volunteers, campers would not be able to attend their week of camp.

Volunteers can serve for one day, a week or more, a month, or even all summer (May-Aug)!


Positions for volunteers include, but not limited to:

Cabin leaders, custodian, cooks, kitchen helpers, dish crew, maintenance, lifeguards, media coordinator, laundry, health officer, and more!


If you have a desire to serve, please reach out and connect with Chelsie and find out how you can join the camp volunteer team!

Chelsie Zylstra: 204-440-0046 or







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