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Volunteer Opportunities

We're anticipating a FULL summer of campers and can't wait to have our camp team

return & grow! 

Our team will need to be filled by many volunteers and we hope you'll be able to join us.


Summer 2024

Every summer we see hundreds of campers register for camp - and every time we look at our volunteer list we have faith that as God sends us campers, HE will send the volunteers.

At TMBC, our team is made up of 6 full-time missionaries and over 125 volunteers each summer. Without the support and partnership of volunteers, campers would not be able to attend their week of camp.

Volunteers can serve for one day, a week or more, a month, or even all summer (May-Aug)!

Click here for volunteer positions


If you have a desire to serve, please reach out and connect with Chelsie and find out how you can join the camp volunteer team!

Chelsie Zylstra: 204-440-0046 or

Click here to see camp dates and descriptions.

Click on the application button to start the application process

for your time serving with TMBC!

Front-Line Roles

  • Leadership Team

Age 17+

Programmer (2 people)

Skills Director

Waterfront Director

Worship Director

Dining Room Coordinator

  • Media Coordinator

Age 16+

  • Health Officer

Age 18+

See our Facebook Group: TMBC Health Officers

  • Cabin Leader

Age 16+

  • Lifeguard

Age 16+

This role is combined with cabin leading or other role(s) at camp

  • Wrangler & Jr. Wrangler

Age 14-17 Jr. Wrangler

Age 18+ Wrangler

Age 18+ Assistant Head Wrangler

  • Office Admin

Age 17+

Support Roles

  • Head Cook

Age 18+

  • Assistant Cook

Age 16+

Assist the head cook in food preparation and serving meals

  • Kitchen/Dining Room Helper

Age 13+

Responsible for setting up the dining hall for meals (setting tables, serving food, etc), cleaning up after meals (wiping tables, cleaning dishes)

  • Custodian

Age 15+

Ensuring that the camp facilities are cleaned on a routine schedule, maintaining tidiness for guests and volunteers, assisting in clean up of spills etc.

  • Maintenance

Age 15+

Assist the Site Manager with on-site projects (includes, but not limited to, mowing, building projects, maintaining/fixing items around camp)

  • Laundry

Age 17+

  • Childcare

Age 17+

Provide supervision/care for staff/volunteer kids during a camp session

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