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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Camp is an exciting place to be for a child, but sometimes an emotional time for parents. If you have chosen to send your kid to camp, this may very well be your first extended time away from them. We want to help reassure you & prepare you for your child's time at TMBC.

It is our goal at TMBC to offer a safe & caring environment for campers to experience the best week of their summer! With our priorities set on providing your child with a fun & loving team of leaders, an exciting new adventure awaits.

As your child's parent/guardian, we want to encourage you through this adventure your child is on. We have several ways to make this a family experience:

Camper Mail

Each day the camp mail is handed out! You can write your child letters before camp & drop them off at registration. You can even write one letter for each day! Just make sure to write on the envelope your child's first & last name, as well as the day you want it handed out (or number them in order of when they should be given)


You can send your child an email and we will print it off and deliver it with the camp mail.

Send your email to:

Our campers are our top priority at TMBC. Curious about our volunteer process, who our leaders are, what we teach, and more? Check out our F.A.Q page, or contact us anytime!

From our team to your family - we can't wait to have you join us!

Daniel and Chelsie Zylstra

Homesickness is very common at camp.

Our cabin leaders are trained to help comfort a child who is homesick. They notify a director who will then phone the parents.


We always follow the parents desires for how to handle the homesickness.

Homesick Campers

Yes! - A director will call the parents and let them know that their child wishes to call home.

If the parents are in favor of their child calling home,

we recommend:

1. Call in the morning around a meal time

2. Ask them about their day & what they are enjoying

This will help curve the homesickness.

Can Campers Phone Home?

Each week our

Media Coordinator goes all over camp to capture the adventures that the campers are on.

These photos are then uploaded to a google drive file and shared with parents via email the following week.

(if permission is not granted on the registration form for photos to be taken & shared of a camper we will abide by this. Each camper will still receive the camp photos from the week)

Your Camper's Week of Camp


In Photos

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